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Willow fences

Pure craftsmanship in your garden

Nothing is more beautiful than nature. Combine that with pure craft and your garden will be a picture. What craft? Willow braiding of course! With a fence of willow branches you get that truly natural look in your garden.

A willow fence is also durable and environmentally friendly. Placed by us or braided by yourself.

What kind of craft?

Willow weaving of course! A fence made from willow branches will give your garden a truly natural look.

What’s more, a willow fence is sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Installed by us or woven by your own hands.

What is a willow fence?

We call a partition of willow branches a willow fence. We weave the flexible, fresh branches between wooden posts. When they then dry out, they become tough and very strong. In short, the perfect fence.

Especially because it is also durable. Van Aalsburg B.V. grows the willow branches himself. These are FSC certified and our company is on the highest step of the CO2 performance ladder.

The fences have a lifespan of 8 to 10 years and require little maintenance. With our handy do-it-yourself package, you can get started yourself or hire our professionals to install the fence.

Getting started with a willow fence

Would you prefer to weave the branches and install the fence yourself? We have a handy DIY kit for you. This kit contains all the materials and clear instructions.

You can collect the DIY kit from us yourself or let us deliver it to your home within three working days.

Have a willow fence installed

No problem! The employees at Van Aalsburg B.V. can install your willow screening or fencing in one day. We weave the fencing in your garden.

You determine the shape and the height of the fence and we will make it for you.

See a willow tenon fence in real life

Visit our company in Hellouw (municipality of West Betuwe) where you will discover our complete range. You will be able to see various fences and find the ideal solution for your garden.

Be inspired and receive advice on the latest trends in willow fences!

Maintenance of a willow fence

A well-maintained fence can last for 8 to 10 years. We advise you to treat your willow fence annually with linseed oil.

Another way to extend the lifespan is to train climbing plants to grow against the fence. They will ensure that your willow fence will last even longer and that your garden will become much greener!

Sustainable & environmentally friendly

Our willow branches are entirely natural, recyclable and grown in our own nursery. Wood from Van Aalsburg B.V. is FSC certified.

Not only that: our company has achieved level 5 on the CO2 performance ladder. This is the highest level for quality, safety, sustainable wood and environment. A Van Aalsburg willow fence is therefore genuinely sustainable.

Van Aalsburg B.V. also supplies other willow products.


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Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh
Wilgentenen schutting - sieraad in onze tuin
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

A jewel in our garden!

We are happy with the beautiful result. A solid fence and beautiful too. Truly a craft.

Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

It turned out even more beautiful than shown in the photos.

The men have worked very hard. The fence is in great shape. Pleasant communication and a great result. It exceeded our expectations.

Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

Great job done, great result

Despite the rain, worked all day and became a very nice fence, definitely recommended
Pleasant to work with.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is the life span of a willow fence?

Untreated, a willow fence will last an average of 8 to 10 years.

Does the do-it-yourself package come as complete screens or as individual materials?

The do-it-yourself package consists of loose willow twigs and poles. You need to braid the fence yourself.

How long will it take me to weave my own willow fence?

On average, it takes one day with 2 people to braid 15 m².

How does the delivery work and are there any additional costs involved?

When you have placed an order, Van Aalsburg B.V. will transport your products. After placing your order we will contact you to agree on a delivery date. You will not receive a track and trace code. The delivery time of our products is within 3 days after placing your order, unless otherwise agreed. Van Aalsburg also delivers on Saturday.

Shipping costs are € 0.65 per kilometer, excluding VAT. The exact shipping costs will be calculated in the webshop. You do not have to pay any other extra costs.


About Van Aalsburg

Van Aalsburg B.V. is a special willow wood business, in which the craft has been passed on from father to son(s). It has grown into a large and dynamic family business with six brothers. Go-getters. An international company that breathes one big family.

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