A Postsaver prevents a pole from rotting in the most vulnerable place. This way you double its lifespan.

Pole rot usually occurs at ground level. There the pole comes into contact with the ground and the air. A Postsaver prevents that.

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A Postsaver is a cheap and quick way to prevent pile rot. The sleeve consists of two layers. A shrinkable outer layer of polyethylene. And an inner layer of meltable bitumen.
You simply work the sleeve around the piles with a gas burner. This keeps out moisture, bacteria, minerals and wood rot fungi. As a result, they no longer affect the posts.

Postsavers are also non-toxic. And thus environmentally friendly.

Available for posts with diameters of 6 to 8 cm. Or for posts with a diameter of 10 to 12 centimetres. For larger diameters, please contact us without obligation.

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Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

Great job done, great result

Despite the rain, worked all day and became a very nice fence, definitely recommended
Pleasant to work with.

Wilgentenen schutting - sieraad in onze tuin
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

A jewel in our garden!

We are happy with the beautiful result. A solid fence and beautiful too. Truly a craft.

Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

It turned out even more beautiful than shown in the photos.

The men have worked very hard. The fence is in great shape. Pleasant communication and a great result. It exceeded our expectations.


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