Willow fence

Weave your own willow fence? Then get started with one of the country’s oldest crafts. With the do-it-yourself package you get all the necessary materials at home to weave your own fence. You can give your garden a new look and a natural appearance. An unforgettable experience!

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Make your own willow fence?

Easy with our do-it-yourself kit

Nothing is nicer than working in the garden. And yes, then of course you want to erect that fence yourself.

How it works

Our DIY kit is the solution for you. Good materials and clear instructions. Delivered to your home within 5 working days. And at a competitive price.

It is really not as difficult as it looks and it is also fun to do. If you still want to have the willow fence installed, please contact us.

Pluses and minuses

  • A natural look in your garden
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Easy to assemble
Wilgentenen schutting

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Average one 9,9 based on 45 reviews of
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

It turned out even more beautiful than shown in the photos.

The men have worked very hard. The fence is in great shape. Pleasant communication and a great result. It exceeded our expectations.

Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

Great job done, great result

Despite the rain, worked all day and became a very nice fence, definitely recommended
Pleasant to work with.

Wilgentenen schutting - sieraad in onze tuin
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

A jewel in our garden!

We are happy with the beautiful result. A solid fence and beautiful too. Truly a craft.

Willow fence in real life

At our business location in Hellouw (municipality of West Betuwe), you will discover our complete range. Here you can view various fences to find the ideal solution for your garden.

Be inspired and advised on the latest trends in willow fencing!


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Assembly manual

How to make a willow fence?

To make a willow fence, we use the approximately 5-metre-long branches of a willow, braided around chestnut or willow posts. We call these willow branches or also willow slats. We have our own willow nursery for this purpose.

The sturdy 2 to 3 cm thick branches of a willow are supple and flexible. This makes them ideal for making a fence or natural partition in the garden.

Plaiting a willow fence is best done from November to June. This is when the branches are at their most pliable. It is also important to make the fence quickly (what is quick, within 3 weeks is quick enough) after receiving the willows. Otherwise, the branches will dry out and break when braiding.

How long do you spend braiding?

It depends on the size of your desired fence or enclosure. On average, it takes one day with 2 people to weave 15 m². And that will be a great day. After all, it is quite an experience to be involved in one of the oldest crafts in our country.

So get to work!

Below is a short step-by-step plan for making a willow fence or partition. This way you are fully prepared and can start your DIY kit right away.

Step 1: the preparation

First of all, clear the surface of weeds and level it well. The flatter the surface, the nicer and straighter the end result. Then put the posts in the ground.

The posts should be 60 to 80 cm into the ground. This ensures that the fence stands securely and does not blow over easily. An auger can help you make the holes for the posts more easily.

If you order the posts directly with the DIY package, just fill in the desired height of the fence. We will automatically add the extra centimetres you need for sufficient strength.

To protect the posts against wood rot and mould, we offer you the option of ordering postsavers with the DIY package. You apply these postsavers around the posts with a torch. They will at least double the lifespan of your posts. Our online manual describes exactly how to install the postsavers.

Step 2: braiding

Once the posts are in place, the braiding begins. Always braid the willow branches one way. So from left to right or right to left.

Then braid the branches around the posts. Start at the first post and braid the branch until it runs out. Then cut the branch just behind one pole and start on the second branch. Weave it from the second post and continue until you reach the last post.

In this way, you weave layer after layer and build up the fence. In our online manual we explain exactly how to braid the branches for the best result.

Step 3: Maintenance for longer life

A willow fence will last on average 10 years if you maintain it properly. We recommend using linseed oil for this purpose. Of course, you can also order this directly with your DIY kit.

It is best to treat the willow fence with linseed oil 6 weeks after installation, if the weather is dry. You can then repeat this treatment annually.

We also recommend giving 1 bucket a day to the willow poles when the weather is dry. You only need to do this for the first four works after placement.

Wilt u de levensduur met nog 5 jaar verlengen?

Then place climbing plants against the fence. Think well-known ivy, beautiful wisteria or fresh Clematis Montana. This will instantly make your garden a lot greener.

Put together your own do-it-yourself package

Enthusiastic? Then order your own DIY package at a competitive price. We deliver the package to your home within 5 working days. Also in the evening and on Saturday.

You put the package together yourself. Simply specify the height and length of the fence and we will deliver the right amount of branches. You also decide whether you want to order posts, postsavers and linseed oil.

Take your first step towards a beautiful willow fence now.

Frequently asked questions

What is the lifespan of a willow fence?

A willow fence lasts on average 8 to 10 years. The life span can be extended by treating the fence with linseed oil.

Is the DIY package delivered as complete screens or as loose materials?

The do-it-yourself package consists of loose willow twigs and posts. You must braid the fence yourself.

How long do I spend weaving my own willow fence?

On average, it takes one day with 2 people to braid 15 m².

How does the delivery work and are there additional costs involved?

When you have placed an order, Van Aalsburg B.V. your products. After placing your order we will contact you to agree on a delivery date. You will not receive a track & trace code. The delivery time of our products is within 5 days after placing your order, unless otherwise agreed. Van Aalsburg also delivers on Saturdays.

The shipping costs are €0.65 per kilometer, excluding VAT. The exact shipping costs are calculated in the webshop. You do not have to pay any other additional costs.