Willow garden boxes

Looking for a beautiful planter for flowers, as a vegetable garden or whatever you have thought of as a filler? Our willow garden boxes are a wonderful option! Made of willow twigs, available in different sizes. Possibly even desired sizes are possible to realize for us.

A natural willow garden box, ideal for the garden and easy to assemble and place.

Do you have questions about the possibilities or for example about the desired dimensions? Please contact us for different shapes and / or sizes.

The height of the dimensions below is approximately 40 centimeters.

Vanaf:  159,95 incl. btw

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Onze moesbakken worden als vier losse elementen geleverd. U kunt de paaltjes heel eenvoudig de grond in slaan. De hoeken kunt u met bijvoorbeeld tiewraps aan elkaar bevestigen.

De binnenkant van de bak bestaat uit een meegeleverde kokosmat.

De standaardmaten voor de wilgentenen moesbakken zijn:

  • 50×50 centimeter
  • 100×50 centimeter
  • 100×100 centimeter
  • 150×100 centimeter
  • 150×150 centimeter

Ook andere maten zijn mogelijk. De hoogte is ong. 40 centimeter. Hebt u vragen? Neem dan aub. contact met ons op!

Reviews Wilgentenenschutting.nl

Average one 9,9 based on 45 reviews of
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

It turned out even more beautiful than shown in the photos.

The men have worked very hard. The fence is in great shape. Pleasant communication and a great result. It exceeded our expectations.

Wilgentenen schutting - sieraad in onze tuin
Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

A jewel in our garden!

We are happy with the beautiful result. A solid fence and beautiful too. Truly a craft.

Wilgentenenschuttingen - Kiyoh

Great job done, great result

Despite the rain, worked all day and became a very nice fence, definitely recommended
Pleasant to work with.


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  • We kunnen ook op zaterdag leveren.
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Frequently asked questions

Who/what are the willow garden boxes for?

The willow garden boxes  are for everyone. They can be used for example in schools, care institutions, day care centers but also in companies they are beautiful as decoration. Or just at home, on your balcony, terrace, roof or just in your backyard or front yard. The willow garden boxes look good everywhere.

What are the benefits of the willow garden boxes?

Our willow garden boxes are first of all extremely durable, in addition, they are easy to use and you can quickly start your own vegetable garden. The willow garden boxes come in different sizes, in addition to our standard sizes you can always request a quote for different sizes or customization.

Are the willow garden boxes sustainable?

The vegetable gardening itself is very sustainable because you grow your own fresh vegetables and herbs. In addition, the willow garden boxes from Van Aalsburg are also very sustainable since they are manufactured at their own nursery from sustainable materials namely: willow twigs.

How do I mount the willow garden box in the garden?

You can easily assemble the willow garden box itself, for this you will of course receive an assembly manual from us. The willow garden box consists of four separate elements. For this you tap the stakes in the ground, which stick out of the wickerwork. Then you can connect the corners to each other, this can be done using tie-wraps. With one person you are on average about 1 hour working on assembling 1 willow garden box.

What is the depth of the willow garden box?

The willow garden boxes have a depth of about 40 centimeters, more than enough for lettuce, radishes or carrots, for example.

What is the best time to purchase a willow garden box and put it in the garden?

It is possible to install a willow garden box all year round. The greatest benefit is obviously achieved in the spring, but there is also plenty to do in the summer and fall.

Are the willow garden boxes equipped with drainage?

Because the willow planters are made of loose parts, excess water can run away between the cracks and easily sink into the ground in a natural way.